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Jason Redman

failure? crisis? adversity? change?

overcome through proven leadership techniques


What Does Jason Speak about?

Jason’s newest presentation is built around two sets of rules that he lives his life by, summarized by his motto – Lead Always and Overcome All – the three rules of leadership and the three rules of the Overcome Mindset.  As with all Jason’s presentations, he begins by talking about perspective and the unique opportunities he has had to see so many positive and negative aspects of the world.  This opportunity along with his life changing battlefield wounds in Iraq have given him newfound perspective on what the average person defines as a “Bad Day”.  Jason shares how leaders look at the world, and don’t allow simple “schedule disruptions” to get confused with true life changing bad days or as Jason calls them, life ambushes.  From there Jason dives into leadership and gets into the core flaws in most people’s perception of leading others; it starts within and our ability to effectively lead ourselves.  He goes into the three rules of leadership; lead yourself, lead others, lead always and

uses lessons and riveting stories from his own life to show that these three rules will guide you down a path to be a much more effective leader.  From there, Jason goes into how we implement these rules into our lives; by creating balance, structure and embracing change.  Jason goes into his concept for change through his pyramid of change, showing where most people live their lives and how to break out of the status quo and lead yourself out of the comfort zone and into the zone of growth and success.  Finally, Jason gets into the one factor that makes the difference – The Overcome Mindset and goes into the three rules of the Overcome Mindset – don’t quit, don’t mentally quit and life is not fair.  By understanding these three rules and applying them along with the three rules of leadership, Jason guarantees you will be more productive, balanced and find greater success not just in business, but all aspects of your life. 

Five Principles of elite performance


Understanding that success and the ability to overcome failure are built on the foundation of a strong Team. 


Understanding that every person in the organization is a leader and all should aspire to dynamic leadership. 

Set a Course

Understanding no individual or organization can reach elite status without clearly defined goals and metrics to measure progress.


Develop an Overcome mindset where no obstacle cannot be overcome. 


Plan for the best but prepare for the worst and when those catastrophic events occur, you will be mentally prepared.


Six Tenets of success


There is nothing without the Overcome Mindset.

Love Deeply

Life is short, forge good relationships – they will be all you have left in the end.

Lead Always

Be a True Leader. True leaders lead at all times, regardless of who may be watching.

Live Greatly

The only thing stopping you from overcoming failure and finding success is you.

Stay Humble

Pride has destroyed more people and organizations than all wars combined.

No Regrets

Make the right decisions in life so in the end, you have no regrets.


"The Mark of a man is not found in his past, but how he overcomes adversity and builds his future. Quitting is not an option."

Jason Redman


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Get off the X Today

Launch your team to elite performance through riveting Navy SEAL stories of leadership, how to build an OVERCOME mindset, forge unbreakable elite teams, and survive life ambushes by              "Getting off the X".

Retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman electrifies audiences with his high energy presentations on leadership, failure, redemption, catastrophic injury and his breathtaking journey to overcome all.  Jason spent 21 years as a Navy SEAL and ten years as a SEAL Officer leading SEAL teams in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His goal is to push teams and individuals to the next level. Most importantly, having survived a real world enemy ambush, Jason wants to help companies and individuals survive life ambushes by '“Getting off the X”. Jason has been requested to speak for professional sports teams, schools, and fortune 500 companies. He has spoken for the Marriott Corporation, NASCAR, the NFL, McDonalds, Dell, and has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and


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Jason Redman’s experience designed speaking is meant to leave an impression. Learn more about Jason and watch his latest media appearances.


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