The Trident

Former Lieutenant Jason Redman had a legendary career as a SEAL, from 1995-2013, and was deployed to Columbia, Peru, Afghanistan and Iraq, where he served as a team assault force commander. In western Iraq alone, he conducted forty capture-kill missions with his men and captured more than 120 Al Qaida insurgent leaders and fighters.

But the high-stakes of combat are only part of his story. THE TRIDENT: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader is an intense and unforgettable story of a man’s determination to overcome adversity no matter the cost. Redman’s journey—from his training as a SEAL and the early years when he struggled to find the balance between bravery and bravado, to his near-death and subsequent recovery—is the evolution of a modern warrior, husband, and father. A man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines this elite fighting force.

THE TRIDENT is an intense and unforgettable story of a man’s determination to overcome adversity no matter the cost.

The Trident was selected in 2014 as part of the Chief of Naval Operation’s leadership reading program.




Coming Soon

OVERCOME is the much anticipated follow up book to Jason’s memoir, The Trident and is based on his 21 years of leadership lessons in special operations and five years of research and development working with fortune 100 and 500 companies, professional sports teams, and Jason’s own business experience running two companies.  His basic premise – If you want to be an effective leader of others, it starts with your ability to lead yourself.  How do you lead yourself and others to elite business performance?

We all have a common enemy, the comfort of the status quo, but in the midst of life’s daily challenges, the busy lives we all lead, and catastrophic events like health crises and economic recessions, it can be so easy to settle. US Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Jason Redman, was at the height of physical and mental performance when he was shot in the face in Iraq and experienced the worst day most of us could imagine. As he began the recovery process, he was continuously tempted to settle for the status quo, but his overcome mindset led him to not just survive but thrive, and he has gone on to become the bestselling author of The Trident, a sought-after speaker, and the leader of a large non-profit serving wounded warriors. By developing the overcome mindset and learning to lead yourself, you too can overcome the status quo and lead yourself and others to elite performance, not in spite of adversity but because of it.