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Know Thyself - 5% Moments

There are three different components here: There is the perception of yourself, the perception others have of you, and then there’s the way you really are. If those three aspects are out of alignment anywhere, you have a problem. Mine were all out of whack. I had lived with a false perception of myself for much of my career, and when it was tested, my house of cards collapsed. It had hindered me all the time.

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The Pressure Cooker - Emotional Leadership

As I got older I began to recognize that one of the key components of leading yourself is strong emotional leadership; the ability to project leadership and confidence and motivate and inspire people regardless of the doubts or frustrations you may feel on the insideGreat leaders lead at all times, regardless of how they feel.  As I grew up both mentally, physically and emotionally, I got much better at controlling my emotions and projecting what was needed in the situation

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F is for Failure

Embrace Failure.  Let your kids learn to fail.  Because out of failure they will learn to overcome.  For every failure I’ve had, I had to dig deep and overcome it.  I had to deal with the pain.  I had to deal with the mistakes I had made.  I had to reevaluate myself and figure out – what caused the failure? Was it me or external causes? Failure makes us come to grips with all of that.

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