Getting Fired is Like an Ambush That Knocks You Off Your Feet

This Thursday's Overcome and Conquer podcast is sponsored by the Security Traders Association (STA). STA is a nonprofit organization made of 24 affiliates across the U.S. and Canada. This organization takes care of people that work in the financial industry. Those people are everywhere, working their hardest to provide for themselves and their families. When these people lose their jobs, STA comes in to help them with networking and career development. They also keep these individuals within the financial industry informed about new trends in the industry.

The STA's Star Program gets put into play when the unexpected happens, the loss of a job. In the financial industry, this can be relatively common leaving the person without their job wondering what they should do next.

Joining Jason Redman and Ray Care in their podcast this week is Jason's long-time friend Jim Toes. Jim is the Chairman and President of STA and maintains the STA's relationships with US regulators and congressional policymakers. His knowledge and experience that he got before his work with the STA is why he chose to join Jason and Ray this week.

Every week, the Overcome and Conquer Show chooses their word of the day. This week, their word of choice is "perseverance." According to the dictionary, the definition of "perseverance" is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. According to Jim, the word "delay" is a huge part of this definition. It's where the individual is working to get their act together, going to interviews, and trying to set up meetings. They go to so many meetings only to get rejected over and over, a process that can take numerous months.

When looking at the topic of job loss, STA broke it down into three stages. The before stage is where they look at if there are ways to raise awareness or, in general, are there things that they should be doing. There are things that a person could do beforehand to prepare themselves for possible job loss. No matter how good you are at your job, losing that job is not impossible. Also, it's normally not your incompetence that leads to a job loss, it's the incompetence of a higher-up.

The at-the-moment stage where you've just lost your job and time is of the essence. In this stage, you need to recover quickly. That quick recovery means you are going into those interviews or meetings with your head held high and a positive mindset.

The end stage involves networking and putting yourself out there again so you can move on to your next job. STA is there to help with the logistics to get you back out there for interviews and that next step.

"Getting fired is like an ambush. It knocks you off your feet, you're overwhelmed." - Jason "Jay" Redman

"Part of what helped me recover so quickly after getting fired a second time was, believe it or not, I let myself feel bad for 24, 48 hours and said, 'okay, I'm going to feel really bad about this and I'm going to wake up on Thursday morning and I'm going forward.'" - Jim Toes

"What I would love to do is, tell people one, you're not alone, and two, I've been on top, I've been on the bottom. Guess what? I dug my way back up to the top again and so can you. Especially with people like you giving them the resources that they need." - Ray "Cash" Care

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